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Should you desire an impartial third-party evaluation of your house you can visit for information about your home values. Another great real estate reference you should visit is our Orange County Real Estate resource. As well, stop by our Riverside Real Estate resource or our San Diego Real Estate site for more Southern California Real Estate info. Our California Mortgage Loan resource can be reached by clicking on California Mortgage Loan Thanks!

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What are points and when, if ever, does it make sense to pay them?


What are the 'real' costs of my mortgage? This will help explain exactly where your money is going - and where it shouldn't be going...

Mortgage Programs Explained...
Refinance Programs
Fixed Rate Mortgage
What does the term 'Fixed Rate' specifically mean and what are the benefits of having a Fixed Rate mortgage?
Balloon Mortgage
What is a Balloon Mortgage? When would it make sense for you?

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
Also known as ARM's or Variable Rate Mortgages. Explains advantages, common terms; what is a Negative Amortization Mortgage (Neg-Am); includes an 'Index Table' that explains Prime Rate, CODI, COFI, CMT, MTA, and LIBOR.
Home Equity Loan - 2nd Mortgage

Explains the difference between a Home Equity Loan (Home Equity Line of Credit or 'HELOC') and a 2nd Mortgage, as well as which may be best for you.

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FHA - VA Mortgage
Covers government sponsored programs and their benefits. Includes FHA, VA, Cal Vet, as well as other state specific and local programs. Documentation Options
What are the differences between Full Documentation (full doc), Limited Documentation (Limited Doc or 'Lite Doc'), Stated Income and 'No Income No Asset' (NINA) programs?

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